Magnetic Underlay - Cot size (700x1200mm)

Magnetic Underlay - Cot size (700x1200mm)
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Benefits of a  ‘Magnetic Experience’ Cot Underlay

The Australian Made Magnetic Cot Underlay is made with 3000 guass, north facing, Rare-Earth magnets throughout to provide enhanced magnetic energy to the body and localised, temporary pain relief.

The magnets are placed in the valley section of the 'AAA' Dunlop convolute base to provide vastly superior comfort and therapeutic results. The Dunlop core offers incredible resilience and 'bounce-back' and is used to make top range posture-pedic beds.
The Australian Made Magnetic Cot Underlay  is placed under the sheet with the magnets facing up toward the body and the tag under the pillow.
The magnets in the underlay are situated close to the body for greater therapeutic benefit and you will feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.
The 100% cotton cover is the best material too place over the magnets as it allows all the energy from the magnets to flow through to you providing maximum magnetic therapy ... the closer the magnet is to the body, the greater the benefit.
The Underlay has a 'zip-off' cotton cover for easy fuss-free cleaning.
The reason why my 'Australian Made' Magnetic Underlay is so effective is that it assists the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. 
By sleeping on a Magnetic Experience underlay a more relaxed, deeper sleep can be achieved.

● FULLY Australian Made - 40 YEARS experience! 

● Top quality ‘AAA’ rated genuine Dunlop brand core ‘convolute’ base

● Minimum 3,000 gauss surface strength)

● Drug free, natural therapy

● More magnets positioned where you actually lie

● All ‘north’ facing energy – the therapeutic side!

● Zip-off ALL natural cotton cover for easy cleaning (the only one you will find with this cover)

● Anti-‘dust mite’, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-mould/ mildew – environmentally friendly

● 12 months manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defect


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