Magnetic Body Stud 6pce Pack (16mm x 2mm)

Magnetic Body Stud 6pce Pack (16mm x 2mm)
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Benefits of Magnetic Body Studs 

The Magnetic Experience Body Stud Pack may assist with temporary pain relief and works in the same way as all our Magnetic Therapy Products.
These tiny little stick on magnets are attached to a small, round bandaid and are placed directly onto a pain point for temporary relief from aches and pains. They can be used anywhere on the body for therapeutic benefit. The 'dotted' side of the magnet faces the skin; this depicts the north side of the magnet and can be worn for several days and left on in the shower, replacing bandaids as required.

Australian Government therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) ARTG No: 163171

12pce Body Stud Magnet Pack            6mm x 2mm        $45.00

12pce Body Studs Magnet Pack          7mm x 2mm        $55.00

12pce Body Studs Magnet Pack          8mm x 2mm        $65.00

6pce Body Studs Magnet Pack          12mm x 1.5mm     $75.00

6pce Body Studs Magnet Pack          16mm x 2mm        $90.00

6pce Body Studs Magnet Pack          18mm x 3mm        $110.00     

Replacement Plasters                        48pce Pack            $15.00

  • Contains 6 therapeutic 3000 gauss, north facing rare earth waterproof magnets
  • Use on pressure point or directly over pain point
  • Dotted side of magnet faces the skin (north energy)
  • Can be re-used, just replace bandaids as required

Price includes FREE POSTAGE & HANDLING within Australia

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