North Facing Water/Multi Magnet

Benefits of a Magnetic Experience Deluxe North Facing Water Multi Magnet

The Deluxe North Facing Water Multi Magnet is a 1200 gauss north facing magnet block measuring 15cm x 10cm x 1cm. This magnetic block is ideal for making magnetised water and can also be used as a treatment magnet anywhere on the body and may be beneficial for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pain.

How to make your own Magnetic Water: Place a jug of boiled water on top of the Deluxe Water/Multi Magnet for approximately 2-3 hours (for 1 litre). It is not necessary to boil water if you use spring or pure water.

Magnetic Water may also be beneficial to your pet’s health. Just place the water magnet under the dogs water bowl for constant magnetic water treatment.

Made in easy clean vinyl, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Available in black, red, brown, silver, blue, green

Registered with the Australian Government Therapeutic goods Administration (TGA) No: 163717

Product Points -

  • Powerful 'north-facing' 1200 gauss magnet block - 15cm x 10cm x 1cm
  • Multi-purpose - Magnetise Water for use on your body
  • Easy to use - simply place under a glass, jug or anything you wish to magnetise
  • Can be used for your Pet's water also
  • Easy to clean vinyl covering
  • Great for your plants too

Price includes FREE POSTAGE & HANDLING within Australia
(International Postage charges apply, please email for a quote)


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