Magnetic Pet Cushions and Magnetic Pet Pads

Benefits of a Magnetic Pet Cushion

This luxury Magnetic Pet Cushion has been designed for use on the lounge as well as the floor. This product was designed because my own pets wanted to sit on the lounge with me and the Magnetic Pet Bed was a little too large. The Magnetic Pet Cushion design allows it to stay on the lounge as part of your own home decor and is available in a variety of fabric and colours. All Magnetic Pet Cushions have easy zip-off covers for easy fuss free cleaning.
The 3000 gauss, north facing, rare earth magnets are attached to the top of the internal core and cover the whole surface to allow maximum therapeutic results.
The Magnetic Pet Cushion may inhibit potential flea problems too as it has been discovered that fleas do not like magnetic fields.

Animals do not need to be suffering from pain to receive the benefit of magnets. This is a great natural therapy, which will help to promote good health, and keep your pet in top physical condition.

The Magnetic Pet Cushion product points -

  • Powerful Magnetic Therapy & luxurious designer look combined in one
  • Promotes good health and peak condition
  • Fully Australian Made
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours

Sizes available in:-

Extra Small

60cm x 60cm



70cm x 70cm



80cm x 80cm



90cm x 90cm



100cm x 100cm


Price includes FREE POSTAGE & HANDLING within Australia
(International Postage charges apply, please email for a quote)                                                                



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